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Garage Door Springs, Automatic Openers & Remote Controls

Garage Door Springs​

​Springs service life is about 10 years on average. We recommend all or both springs be replaced when the first spring breaks as this guarantees even lift rate and will save on future service call outs. It's a good time to upgrade to heavy-duty springs that will suit the door better for ease of use, plus extend the lifespan of your automatic door opener. We can advise you on this when we are on site.

We check and service your garage door at this time.



Garage Door Springs​
We always carry springs and spring hardware such as spring bolts, hooks and brackets.
Garage Door Springs​
Garage Door Springs​
We specialise in tilt and sectional doors broken springs. 
We can supply most makes of remotes for any brand of automatic garage door opener- original or aftermarket type. Shown are some of the brands we carry.
Don't see your remote here?
Call us and ask- we can source it for you! 

Replacement Remote Controls

Replacement Remote Controls
Replacement Remote Controls
Replacement Remote Controls
Replacement Remote Controls
Has your remote been stolen or lost?

We can re-code or reprogram recovered lost or stolen remotes and de-code and deprogram existing and new remotes for added security and peace of mind. 

Keypad damaged?

We supply keypad and wall switches.

Call Grant to discuss options and prices.

Automatic Openers

We can supply and repair most models and makes of garage door openers. The main garage door opener brands in New Zealand are:


  • Dominator

  • B&D

  • Guardian

  • Merlin

  • Doorworks


Don't see your opener here? Call us! 

Circuit Boards


Inside of your garage door opener is a circuit board that controls the operation of your door opener. Sometimes these fail for any number of reasons and need to be repaired or replaced. We can usually repair or replace your circuit board quickly on the day so that there is no disruption to your garage door and your security. 

Contact Grant to arrange details.
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