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The Garage Door Man

SiteSafe Checklist for Our Repair Call-out

Site Safe Member

As a SiteSafe member, safety and the prevention of accidents and unnecessary damage to your property is very important to us. Identifying site hazards is part of the new Health and Safety regulations. When we arrive, your garage becomes a 'Work Safe Site'.

Here is a friendly checklist to protect you, your family and your property while we are at your place working on your garage door. 

Where possible, please ensure the work space area is clear of vehicles and clutter. This can be near the side door arms, springs and rails and the motorised opener. 

Keep pets and children away from the site.

Remove your vehicle.

We need to be able to drive our truck directly to your garage door. Ensure clear access is available.

We will call you prior to our visit to confirm our appointment and that someone will be home to open the door for us. If no one will be home, alternative arrangements can be made such as a secret location of a key. This is common with rental properties and working families. 


We can provide you with our Health and Safety policy and a copy of our Public Liability Insurance statement.

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