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Property Managers and Landlords


For expert help, service and repairs on ALL types of​ garage doors, openers, springs and associated components.


We always carry a variety of spare parts for fast service and repair and can often fix the problem without having to replace the entire unit


We have a comprehensive range of garage door components, remotes and systems from all the major manufacturers.

GARAGE DOOR MAN always carries a variety of spare parts for fast service and repair

Often the problem or service can be sorted on the spot.

Common service and replacement parts are:

* Broken springs
* Frayed or broken cables
* Lost or broken remote controls
* Burnt out circuit boards
* Broken hinges

With our years of experience with everything garage door, we know where to save you money. Sometimes it's smarter to fix instead of replace. With our well equipped workshop we have the skill and expertise. We will tell you the comparative costs before we proceed and you can decide what's best for you. It's all part of our friendly service.

90% of the time Grant can diagnose your garage door problems over the phone.

Take a photo. It can help us visualise what or where the problem may lie and tends to make the repair faster, smarter and cheaper.

Please email us a photo of your area of concern 

With over 20 years in the garage door industry, Grant will always give the best of advice and provide friendly service. 

We are a free phone call away and available 24/7, so please call 0800 777 266